Jill Taylor Celia Spanked Tokyo Lynn Chelsea Pfeiffer REMASTERED Lyra Skye Beverly Snow Sky Terrapin

"I was spanked all the time"

Spanking was part of life for so many girls and we ask them to tell us about it in our intimate spanking interviews. How did it feel to be in trouble again, getting a bare bottom spanking. Our beautiful models tell their spanking stories to Clare Fonda and then we act out a domestic spanking scene. The panties come down, the bottoms get red, and tears are cried. We also work with models who have never been spanked and are curious about what corporal punishment feels like. Spanked Sweeties has brought us many of the newest spanking models and contains 2,000 video clips so you can see them with an in depth interview followed by an old fashioned spanking.

Name: Jill Taylor

This very young porn star talks all about her spanking experiences growing up in an old fashioned town. Her mother, who is played by Clare Fonda, was the primary spanker. Jill gets a sound over-the-knee spanking in our reenactment.

Name: Celia Spanked

There is no interview, but we show Celia spanked hard by her father because she was giving her mother a hard time at dinner. She is spanked to tears and sent right to bed in this scene that Celia recollected.

Name: Tokyo Lynn

Tokyo Lynn is a porn star from California who was, in her words, spanked a lot growing up. She talks about some of her spankings, past and present, and then Clare Fonda reenacts a spanking in which her mom punished her for messing up the kitchen.

Name: Chelsea Pfeiffer REMASTERED

We have remastered the scenes from spanking legend Chelsea Pfeiffer. She tells great stories about how she got started in producing and starring in videos as well as anecdotes from her personal life. Then she spanks our model Carmen.

Name: Lyra Skye

Lyra Skye is a fetish model who was not spanked growing up, but discovered that she had an interest in spanking early on. As an adult, she enjoys getting spanked and does so in different ways. We reenact a daddy spanking that she got.

Name: Beverly Snow

Beverly Snow talks all about how she was spanked growing up by her strict mother, played by Clare Fonda, and how she enjoys spanking now as foreplay. We reenact a spanking she received from her mom that leaves her curvy bottom very sore.

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